Our History

Chris Herron started Mow and Snow as a comprehensive homeowner service company. In 2008, Duncan Maisals bought the fledgling company from Chris. Duncan’s long time experience in the service industry, including many seasons as a certified mountain guide, created a culture of delivering high quality product while not forgetting to have fun.


After working for Duncan for a year, Cam Mertz bought the business from Duncan with the idea of expanding the core service of Mow and Snow to include a broader mix of owner directed services. Cam grew up mowing, snowing and landscaping in the family landscaping business in southern Alberta. With a lifetime foundation, he brings a new dimension to the business.


The company still holds random Friday night BBQ’s, rafting days and company picnics. The culture of high quality service still goes hand in hand with the idea that work can be fun.


We Mow and Snow and have fun doing it.