Landscaping creates the home setting. Where and how the home sits on the land. Is it formal like an English garden with boxwood hedges and defined lawns and beds? Or is it more natural with native plants seeming to blend seamlessly with the surrounding lands.


Perhaps the most important aspect of landscape design is not today, but five, ten and fifteen years down the line. A tree planted close to a home, in 10 years may crowd and push against the home. The plants in any design should be allowed to grow and mature in an open and healthy manner.


At Mow and Snow, we combine the use of native plants with hardy imports. By combining the two we create lower maintenance and at the same time make the setting for the home. We design plantings with an appeal in summer and yet still maintain a presence in winter when we need a little surrounding warmth as we hunker down in the snow.


Landscaping is not a static practice. It is always moving, growing and evolving.