As our name implies (states?) we mow. Mowing is simple. Pick the right machine, trailer it to the site, unload it and go to it. Trim the edges with a whacker and move on.


Mowing is just one part of a healthy lawn.  You need feeding, thatching, aeration and watering to keep your lawn healthy.


Feed your lawn

Everyone one deserves breakfast, lunch and dinner. One of our more enjoyable chores is feeding your lawn. At Mow and Snow we understand lawns have different seasonal growth cycles. Our fertilizers are specially formulated to fully meet your lawn’s appetite. In the spring, we feed for new growth and root health. In the summer, we stabilize and foster above ground growth. In the fall, we feed your lawn a special formula to help it into the winter dormancy and revive healthy in the spring.



In England, thatching is an old roof style hundreds of years old and a skill slowly being lost.


For us, thatching is the spring practice of pulling the dead grass from between the healthy new grass. By thatching, you open the ground to accept water and remove the dead lawn that will not decay and at the same time better provide nutrients to the fresh grass sprouts.


When we thatch, we over seed. The fresh seed takes in the newly open ground between the existing grass and makes for thicker and healthier grass.


Thatching mature lawns opens up the grass to continue allowing healthy thick growth.



Aeration is another every year treatment for mature lawns. As lawns mature, the ground compacts and moisture and air have a hard time getting down to the roots. An aerator punches little holes in the lawn pulling out small plugs of grass and dirt. The holes create a path for nutrients, air and water to effectively reach the root mass extending more than five inches below the lawn surface.  The lawn provides the chlorophyll converting the sun’s energy into growth. The roots deliver the nutrients and mineral needed to expand the grass above the ground.


The roots are the conveyor belt that feeds the grass. By opening the path to the roots, everything gets easier.


And we over seed after aeration too. This is a perfect time for new grass seed to take root with the freshly opened ground.


Healthy roots make for healthy lawns.



Ah, the staff of life. We all need water and a lawn (and your landscaping beds) especially need water.


To keep a lawn healthy, it needs roughly an inch of water a week. It’s best not delivered all in one swack, but in three doses of a little less than half an inch per watering. Most sprinkler systems deliver a half inch in about 30 minutes, so 20 minutes three times a week makes for a happy healthy lawn.


The best time to water is just before the sun comes up. This soaks the lawn and the roots and protects it as the day the heats up. When you water in the middle of the day, much of the water evaporates before it can be soaked up by the root system. Water is a valuable resource and should not be wasted.


If you are a late riser, consider an underground sprinkler system. Relatively inexpensive, timed underground sprinklers are the most effective delivery of water to a lawn. With a timer, you can get up to your cup of coffee and the musky scent of freshly watered lawn will make the morning just that much sunnier.


Fernie is a Water Smart community. We value our water. A sprinkler system is designed to deliver the right amount of water to your lawn, your bedding plants and your shrubs. There is no hauling of hoses around the yard, dragging them around corners and getting them stuck between bushes. And there is no watering of sidewalks. (The sidewalks don’t need water, eh?)


Underground sprinklers are the Water Smart solution.