Wake your yard up for summer
the Mow and Snow way!

Spring is an important time to prepare your landscapes for a successful and vigorous growing season. A spring cleanup by our PROS ensures your landscape is set up for success.

Removing or thinning last season’s old growth from turf and plants is a great practice. It ensures that all the plant energy is focused on root growth and not wasted energizing last year’s growth.

Fertilizing is a great way to support early season growth. A good spring fertilizer helps activate and strengthen root development, ensuring that it is disease and weed resistant, tolerant to the seasons heat and facilitates healthy growth.

Mow and Snow’s extensive inventory of spring specific lawn and garden equipment coupled with trained and knowledgeable staff is a great way to start your summer off right.

Call our office to have the most suitable spring cleanup package prescribed for your yard. Special discounts available for bundling services together.

Spring Cleanup packages include:

Power Brooming: Lawns should have all of the winter gravels removed.

Dethatching: ‘Power Raking’ is an important process as it removes all the old turf (thatch) that protected the roots over winter but now needs to be thinned out to allow the root base to initiate growth.

Aeration: Aeration is the process of perforating the soil with holes to reduce soil compaction and allow water, air and nutrients to access the root base.

Special discounts for services bundled together. Call our office for more information. 

Other Spring Clean-up Services:

Mow and Trim
Power Rake
Power Broom
Irrigation Start-Up
Deck, Driveway Pressure Washing

Spring Gardening Services:

Spring Shrub Prune
Garden Bed Preparation